Cabinets (Kitchen) Buying Guide

Cabinets (Kitchen)

Getting Started

Kitchen cabinets are functional and aesthetic. The design of the cabinets and the color will create an environment conducive to meal preparation, and entertaining, if so desired. Functionally, the cabinets store the items necessary for food preparation, cooking and eating. When choosing cabinetry, keep in mind the purposes of the room, and the needs and desires of those using the kitchen! Factor in the appliances, their sizes and locations in the area, when deciding on cabinets.


Base cabinets sit on the floor and form the basis for the kitchen — holding the sink, cooktop, and countertop; used for storage or larger items.

Wall cabinets are hung from the wall and function as storage of food and serving pieces or for displays.

Pantry cabinets stand among the appliances or along the wall and are tall for maximum storage.

Framed cabinets are created with a panel, or frame, that covers the framework of the internal box. Door hinges are attached to the frame and cover the opening but leave part of the frame visible.

Frameless cabinets are constructed with maximum accessibility to the internal box. Doors hinges are attached to the inside of the door and the box, making the hinges invisible. 



Price Consideration