Stains Buying Guide


Getting Started

Choosing the right stains for your wooden or concrete surfaces is imperative for their durability and longevity. There are several things to consider before applying the stains that will make your wood or concrete look its best even if it has been stained before. A well-stained surface will serve  a long time and provide you aesthetic pleasure.

Type of Material You are Staining

What to Consider

Material your Staining. What kind of material do you need a stain for. There are special stains for wood and completely different stains for concrete.

Types of Stains. There are several types of stains out there. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages in relation to a certain material. You will need to choose between, oil, water-based varnish and gel stains for wood and reactive and non-reactive stains for concrete.

Kinds of Stains. There are several kinds of wood stains that you will need to consider before making the right choice for your surface.

Wood Stain Types

Wood Stain Kinds

Concrete Stain Types

Concrete Stains Buying Tips