Countertops and Surfaces (Bathroom) Buying Guide

Countertops and Surfaces (Bathroom)

Getting Started

A comprehensive guide on what you need to know before choosing the right bathroom countertops and surfaces.

Vanities and cabinetry in bathrooms require surfaces that will stand up to moisture and solutions used by homeowners for their personal hygiene and beauty regime. Also, the surfaces will enhance to the aesthetic of the room’s design.

What to Consider

How many people will use the bathroom? If this is a family bathroom, then the countertops will receive heavy usage for hygiene products and appliances such as hair dryers, etc. If this is a master bathroom with a spa-like atmosphere, fewer people will be piling products onto the surfaces.

When purchasing vanities for the bathrooms, consider if the countertop is already integral to the cabinet.

Depending upon the surface chosen, sinks can be molded into the countertop instead of installed separately.

What is the budget for the bathroom? Countertops can be created from natural stones that will be expensive, or even man-made products that can be costly, or from practical products that will stand up to wear and tear. Professional installation may be required.


Cost Considerations