Primer/Sealer/Undercoat Buying Guide


Getting Started

When you are about to paint something, you will need much more than just a can of paint and a good brush. There are many other products that won't just help your paint look better, they will make the surfaces you apply it to last longer. Choosing the right primer, sealer or undercoat is imperative to getting the perfect painting result.

What to Consider





Roll-on primer application is the most popular way to use the primer. You will need to buy just the can of primer/sealer/undercoat and a brush or a roller. This method is suitable for small and large surfaces and won't have you incurring additional application expenses.

Spray primer.  You will need to decide if a spray is a comfortable way for you to paint. Such primer is sold in a spray can, just as spray paint is, or can be purchased in a regular tin and used with a spray gun. Using a spray primer indoors can be dangerous if the area is not well-ventilated. The main advantage of this method is uniform covering and speed. It can be a good option if the object you are painting has many corners.



3-in-1 sealer/primer/undercoat can save you money when you are painting small areas or objects with angles. While more expensive on its own, it will allow you to avoid purchasing large cans of each product. This solution will not work for large areas since it doesn't provide better protection than the three products separately.

2-in-1 paint and primer can save you time and money for painting. However, this solution will only work if the surface doesn't need too much additional help to be smooth and allow good paint bonding.

Research. Knowing which primer/sealer/undercoat is perfect for each situation will help you avoid unnecessary spending. Using high-quality products can help prevent paint problems in the future.