Circular Saws, Corded and Cordless Buying Guide

Circular Saws, Corded and Cordless

Getting Started

One of the most popular power tools you can find on all job sites and in most home workshops is the circular saw. They can be used to cut masonry, wood, steel, ceramics and other materials. A traditional saw includes foot plate and a blade guard, and you can adjust depth and bevel. However, there are so many different types of saws that you need to prepare yourself before buying one. Here is a comprehensive buying guide that will help you find the best circular saw.

Types of Circular Saws

Power Sources

Like other power tools, you should choose between a corded and cordless circular saw. A corded saw doesn’t need any batteries and you don’t waste time on charging them so you can work for as long as you need. They are better for cutting steel, masonry and other challenging applications. While you can’t go far from the power outlet, you can get an extension cord to work outside the house.

A cordless circular saw, on the other hand, can be used in places where a corded one cannot reach. Most cordless saws are smaller than their corded counterparts, which is necessary for work in confined areas. However, you need to charge batteries and most of cordless saws can only cut wood.

What to Look For in a Circular Saw

Useful Extras

There are saw models that come with additional features that are not crucial but can be quite useful sometimes. For example, professionals often choose saws with storage. Another useful feature is a LED light. And cordless models should have a battery gauge.

Cost Considerations

If your budget allows, you would love having both corded and cordless saws. Sooner or later you will start a project that requires both of these. Sometimes, you will need a corded saw and the next time you won’t be able to manage without a versatile cordless saw. Therefore, consider getting both of them.

The more expensive models usually have better quality parts and will last for generations with proper care. And if you use your saw on occasional projects, a good circular saw will deliver everything you need for decades.