Finishes and Varnishes Buying Guide

Finishes and Varnishes

Getting Started

Finish and varnish are the last steps in the process of the woodwork. Finish is applied in a form of several coats of different products. Finishing is used to protect the wood and provide a high gloss and quality appearance. Choosing a proper type of finish and varnish is a vital part as all of the finish and varnish products have different qualities, and they provide the different level of wood protection. This process takes time and planning ahead. Part of the planning process is also planning the way how to handle the wood before the finish steps. Avoiding scratches, marks, and dust is necessary.

What to Consider

Key Features

Popular Finish Types

Types of Varnishes

Finish Kinds

Tips for Buying the Right Finish & Varnish

Speak with an expert.

Choose good quality healthy wood and choose an appropriate finish based on durability and water resistance.

Decide what type of the gloss and color is important, and give it time.

Time is the crucial part in finish and varnish process, and it can't be rushed.